Friday, February 12, 2010

ASFASA Festival cont'd - these socks were made for walking...

Hey there thinkers --

It seems my painting up and walked away today.  Away from the temporary show at the Concordia student lounge and to a longer-running part of the ASFASA Festival at the Philosophy Department on 2100 Mackay Street - It's All Relative: the conceptual, philosophical theories, knowledge, a search for meaning.

Vernissage is tonight at 6:30, and my painting is about the fallibility of memory and the layers of meaning we must push through to realize that there is nothing on the other side but the same emptiness that's inherent in everything.  It's called "Black Socks"!

k, that's it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ASFASA Festival 2010

"The ASFASA Festival is an interdisciplinary initiative that aims at creating links between students from the Fine Arts and Art & Science faculties while encouraging communication and the cross-pollination of ideas between departments of Concordia University."

And once again, a science and art mashup, this time my painting work can be seen on the 7th floor of the Concordia Hall Building (2060 Mackay street), from February 8th - 12th, through the Philosophy Students Association.  Hope to see all you science cats there!

Monday, February 8, 2010

she blinded me with science... [and magic]

I'll be showing 3 works in this years Art Matters festival - a portion of a series called "Phantom Whims & the G-Spot"

Neurotheology, caprices and ghosts - empiricism battles mysticism in a knock-down makeout session between pixels and the patterning habits of stars, magical mossballs, and a general mistrust of manifest simplicity.

Check it out at the Magic & Science show, from March 6th to March 22nd

Galerie Yergeau - 2060 avenue Joly (nearest intersection is St Denis and Ontario) 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Alice's laundromat.

Long time no post.  I got inspired to keep writing here thanks to one comment, and also how I'm kinda ignoring anything that isn't Paint lately.  No pictures of new work, due to camera loss, but rest assured I've got turquoise, cadmium, violet and ochre all up my arms on a regular basis.  And I'm moving into a place with a studio soon, with another artist, this should be beneficial all around, to say the very least.

I feel I'm passing through the looking glass at the moment, it's gray and comfortable on this side, and on the other is my real life, waiting to swell and ask a lot of me.  It's about frelling time I moved to a bigger place.... 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I chew-chewse Pavel Tchelitchew

It'll be interressin' to see how many people get to this page by Googling "Pavel Tchelitchew".  Anyone banking on NONE?  Bueller?  Anyone?  Shirley? No, I doubt it.

Not for lack of being awesome, of course.  Pavel's awesomeness, that is.  Here's where I'm supposed to expound like a good an informed blogger who's wise to all things art historical, but the truth his he's entirely new to me, and that's definitely the point!  For class we have to make some laughably non-thinking project on anyone who's drawn anything at all in the last 200 years, and fortunately I found this guy among all the articles.  Caught my attention immediately with a tree that is not a tree....

Yes, that's more like it, and what do I know about the guy?
He's Russian, influenced by macabre Romanticism, has a very popular painting at the Tate, lived from 1989-1957 (died young at 59), not terribly well-known, worked on set design for ballet, had a few shows in Paris and London and the MoMA, had a thing for astronomy, alchemy, childhood motifs and interior/exterior body landscaping (sublime veins and the like)... and I think I'm in love, you guys, at least for today.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I will eat, and what I will never eat, also ---- Art Cards for Sale Now!

So with the craft fair gone and in the dust of fond and slightly rained-on memories past, I have a few things to enjoy in the afterwards.  I have a cookie with my portrait on it, c/o Amber PB and her table boasting beards and bird-earrings and (of course) sugar cookies painted in food dye with pictures of people on them.  They even had vegan ones, which is how I can nibble on myself without qualm as you see here!

In other recent news I printed and packaged and beautifully presented the full set of 12 art cards that I was selling at the show, except now I'm including with each one a handmade envelope made from pages of an old Neal's Yard Bakery Whole Foods Cookbook.  Because essentially the recipes are terrible and hilarious and the ink drawing of mushrooms and cucumbers are actually pretty gorgeous.  

I don't feel bad, I feel like I rescued these poor recipes from any chance they may have had at getting made and eaten, and exalted them to the proper status of treasure/spectacle that they deserve.

I mean, Kombu Surprise, you guys.  Kombu.  Surprise.  I am in awe.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Presents! Kindness made material you guys.

I'm not sure why I get blessed so much sometimes.  Wether it's my inclination to count blessings or that I simply do just get showered with good things on a regular basis (and I also might be easily amused)...

At any rate, I found a rather precious envelope leaning against my door last week.  I was having a terrible morning - no spark and no fire in the gut - and had finally dragged myself out the front door to find this package marked "Contents: Art Paper".  Are there sweeter words?  Immediate fire back in the belly!

It came to me from the very kind (really, astonishingly kind) artist I'd met on Flickr - Catherine L. Mommsen.  She not only sent me a huge stack of the creamiest, most luscious papers (Fabriano and Portofine among them), she also tucked in a handmade card with one of her beautiful drawings on the front.  I do so love her art... there's a fineness, a tranquility, a sense of the religious unknown, and a kind of worldly dreamscape to it.  

So amazing, Catherine.  You are my art hero!  I have to get cracking on drawing on this wonderful new paper, I think. 

Also, while at the Boom-Chix-Boom art sale (more on that next post), I traded art for some buttons made by Kirsten McCrea of Papirmasse - a lovely service for anyone who needs more gorgeousness and whimsy in their life.  Basically for $60 you get 12 signed and editioned (and killer) prints throughout the year - now doesn't that sound much better than some quick-to-be-obsolete and full-of-ads magazine subscription?  Yes, I thought so.

the March issue makes me want to listen to rousing icy synthesizer music and eat snow...